The Wilkinson family as been in the process to adopt now, for over 2 years. They have been married for 10 years and have a 15 yr old son and 7 and almost 9 year-old daughters. Jeremy is in the United States Army and Elizabeth was working but moving every 2 years has made things difficult to continue. Initially, when they felt the call to adopt, they started by getting licensed for foster to adopt. They had already discussed adopting a child with Down Syndrome but they waited as they never received a placement. After the heartbreak of waiting and thinking it may not happen, Elizabeth met a woman who had adopted once from a certain country program and was currently in the second adoption. So Elizabeth decided to contact an agency in regards to trying to adopt internationally. They saw a file for a little boy with down syndrome who was very young. Once her husband came home and she showed him the photo, he had already picked a name! This was in March 2017. They were excited yet apprehensive because of the high cost and not understanding the process fully. So, after a few weeks of not really knowing how to come up with the money, they decided they needed to remain with the foster care to adopt route. This decision was very difficult for Elizabeth. She prayed and cried daily about the little boy who stole both of their hearts. She continued to check with the agency, but they assured her another family had come forward for him. Fast forward to September 2017, they were back home visiting family and Elizabeth noticed the same little guy on Reece’s Rainbow with a decent sized grant! She couldn’t believe it so she reached out to Reece’s Rainbow to verify that he was indeed still available to adopt. Elizabeth talked to Jeremy and showed him the grant. They decided together that they would go ahead and pursue him. This time they were able to get his file from their agency. It has not been an easy road. After starting and completing their home-study and immigration approval, they got notice they would be moving quickly to another state. But determined not to lose their little boy’s file, Elizabeth located another home-study agency in their new state that had been used for the same country program!! The move slowed things down drastically and has added expenses but now they are in the final months before travel and still have a little bit more to come up with. They are continuously applying to grants and scraping every penny possible to finish. After 13 long months in the process for him so far they are eager to bring him home and spoil him with love!



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