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Hey there! We’re the Fosters. I’m Kristin, a stay at home mommy. My husband is a sales manager for Apple Valley Organics. We have three beautiful biological children. Carter (7), McCoy (2), & Oakley (1). While we may look like a typical family, I can assure you we are anything but. Our story is quite unconventional, but it’s truly my biggest honor parenting with Taylor, and raising these amazing little ones.

In September 2016, we happily welcomed our second son into this world. He arrived fast and furious, while stealing ALL the hearts in the delivery room. Little did we know, the coming days would test our faith completely.  We were told that McCoy would require genetic testing, as they suspected he had a syndrome.  McCoy, our perfect son, has Down Syndrome. We cried (A LOT), we googled everything there was to know, & we mourned the child we expected to have. Time seemed to speed up and slow down all at once. The weeks blurred together. What we did do was immediately jump into early intervention services. We attended Feeding therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Speech therapy, and countless other medical appointments each week. At these appointments I felt the crushing blow more and more. At times it felt all encompassing. It consumed us. Would we ever go a day without talking about Down Syndrome?

Then one day, almost as swift as a tornado hits, we realized the life we had been blessed with is even better than we thought it would be. We stood up straighter, laughed easier, & embraced ALL humans with love and acceptance. We found meaning in the meaningless. Light in the dark. Good in the bad. He turned our views completely upside down. McCoy ignited a fire so big in our bones, a fire we couldn’t subdue. We started to see our reality in a shifted view. We no longer drew the short end of the stick like society wanted to tell us, but rather, we were selected to become a part of the lucky few. Life was good.

Fast forward to January 2019. We were a very complete, happy, and content family of five. Taylor was travelling for work and while he was gone a friend of ours reached out to me. She sent a message with a video of a young boy attached. I opened the message and was immediately captivated by the little face on the other end of the screen. A soft melody played while the video showed this little guy laying in a crib playing with his hands and a small rattle. Three minutes had elapsed, and I found myself restarting the video. I watched the video randomly throughout the day, each time shedding major tears. There was something big about this small little one. I decided to send it to Taylor and ask for his prayers on a family for the little boy. The video itself had over 90,000 views on YouTube and over 10,000 comments inquiring on how to adopt him. Surely someone was already in the process of adopting him.. right?

Taylor felt the immediate connection too. He posted the video on his social media to help spread the word and urged those interested in adopting to check the video out. The following morning, Taylor called with an idea that would spark what would be our biggest adventure yet. An adventure so grand, we had no concept of the highs and lows we would experience. Taylor asked me, “Why not us?”. Confused, I responded with, “Why not us for what?”. It was that simple. Once we were on the same page, we both agreed, WHY NOT US! Wasn’t that little ball of love worth fighting for? It quickly became crystal clear that it would a big leap of faith, but we said YES without hesitation! We would fight relentlessly for him.

The special needs life is scary, unwanted, and full of “I’m sorry’s” from those who misunderstand its beauty. Ironically, both Taylor and I have been prepared for these children well before their existence. My Bachelor’s degree is in child development and family relations. While I don’t use it clinically, it has served its greatest purpose inside the walls we call our home. Taylor’s youngest sister was also adopted and has FAS and ADHD, which taught him from a young age that children are only as capable as you allow them to be. That everyone is worthy and brilliant. Ultimately, our destiny would prove that this was divine intervention after all. That life turned out completely different than expected, but embracing the path paved for us has set our family free. That beauty is truly not far off the beaten path, and that having faith in the journey will be the best blessing of them all. Thank you so much for reading about us and our sweet babies! I surely hope you know what this process means to us, and any help bringing him home would be so greatly appreciated. Truly, thank you.
Sincerely, Kristin & Taylor Foster  (Anxious Adoptive Parents)


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The Foster family was in process to adopt Augustus, who passed away in July 2019.  They are heartbroken, but moving forward to adopt another boy.  His grant fund has been added to the family’s FSP.

S for the Stearns family — ID

Brian, and Rebekah Stearns, have been married for 16 years and reside in Nampa, Idaho. Their family of 5 first learned about S, a teenaged special needs orphan, through friends of theirs who had hosted him for the summer of 2017. He desperately needs a family to adopt him—especially since he has been at risk of being institutionalized three times within the past year. The Stearns family is S’s last chance for adoption! They need your prayers and support.

The Stearns family has been SO blessed to get to know S through hosting, and he is truly part of their family; even though they have not officially adopted him yet! S calls Brian and Rebekah, “Mama” and “Papa.” And they call S their “son.” They stay connected to S and often exchange text messages and video chats with each other. During the summer of 2018, while the home study was being completed, the social worker got to meet S and see him with the Stearns family. The social worker explained that the Stearns family qualified to adopt TWO special needs children. The Stearns, prayed, and discussed it with their children, and with S, and it was a unanimous decision to pursue both the adoption of S and a special needs girl between the ages of 8 and 18. Only God knows who this precious girl will be, but everyone is excited to welcome her into the Stearns family, too! Thank you all, for your prayers and loving support of these adoptions!! God bless you!!

6/12/2019 — COURT IN JULY

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MAXTON for the Jackson family — ID

 photo fwbutton150.pngRachael and her daughter Shyna have been anticipating the day that they would bring home the child destined to join their family. As adoption can have so many turns, the Jacksons have taken each one of them. Towards the end of the 17 month process of the adoption of a little girl from an Eastern Europe country, the course took an unexpected stop. So many emotions that come with loving this child who has entered their hearts before entering their home. To lose this referral was heartbreaking, but they know that God’s plans are always perfect.

Rachael waited on Him, and a few months later received an email from her agency and a picture of a 2 year old beautiful boy from a different Eastern Europe country, who’s file was only with them for a few more days. His special needs are very similar to children Rachael closely works with in her nursing career, and she instantly felt she could be Maxton’s momma. It wasn’t long after seeking His approval, God clearly said move and she confidently took the step forward in seeking approval for the match of this precious boy. After a month of waiting, the answer arrived! It was a Yes! Rachael is now moving quickly to bring him home. As there are increased fees for this country, Rachael is working towards fundraising and saving. Your donations are truly a blessing. Thank you for helping this family come together!

6/13/2019 — FIRST TRIP in JUNE

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ISAIAH and BENJAMIN for the Hawkins family — ID

Isaiah-168x300-croppedbenjaminhawkins-1-2016 hawkins-2-2016Ukraine

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DRAKE for the Theisen family — ID


John-Patrick (Drake) 2015

John-Patrick (Drake) 2015


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