Edgar and Rachael Mendez met and fell in love at work when they both worked for the same Pest Control Company. Rachael was an insect specialist and Edgar was the Branch Service Manager. Their shared love of insects is what bonded them and allowed them to spend a lot of time together on problem accounts. Two years later, in July of 2009, the priest that married them told their friends and family he had never before had anyone fall in love because of bugs! Theirs is a happy marriage filled with similar values and a desire to build a family despite their cultural differences.

It was not until three years later, that Rachael found out she was pregnant. On Valentine’s Day, Rachael went into early labor and delivered a 2- pound baby boy. Although he was tiny and fragile and stayed in the hospital for 105 days, there was a fighting spirit in him, and he soon became the center of the universe for the Mendez Family. Two weeks after his birth, this tiny boy was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. So, Edgar and Rachael immediately started reading and preparing for how to bring home a special needs micro-preemie. Now six years old, Nicholas loves Mickey Mouse, horseback riding, swimming and basketball, and with a lot of extra tutoring is very advanced with reading. And what a personality!

But Edgar and Rachael knew in their hearts that their family was not complete. After two miscarriages, one of which almost took Rachael’s life, and giving birth to a stillborn baby girl, the Mendez’s decided to turn to adoption. One night, Rachael stumbled across Reese’s Rainbows and discovered the plight that special needs orphans face abroad. Picturing their own son in this predicament, they suddenly felt called to do something. After clicking on the list of waiting boys, Rachael discovered Bodey and instantly felt the connection. His little baby photo, showed him sitting with his little hand fanned out beside him the same way their own son used to sit as an infant. Abandoned at 3 months old and sitting quietly in an orphanage with no one interested, Bodey needed a family to call his own. Yes, he needed to come home! After requesting his file, the Mendez family found more and more similarities between their two boys, especially with their shared love of basketball. Additionally, a friend of the family is from the same area and has toured the orphanage Bodey is living inside. It is the dream that these two little boys will grow up together in such a loving household, so now the Mendez’s are trying to prepare financially to take the leap and bring their son home. The cost of adoption will stretch them very much, but they could not leave Bodey behind. Please keep Bodey and the Mendez Family in your thoughts and prayers. Any contributions to bring Bodey home faster would be greatly appreciated.

9/26/2019 — TRAVELING OCT 23

The Mendez family met their RODS Racing matching grant!

$20,384.13 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Dennis and Tia Azevedo have been happily married for nearly 3 years now and have a your’s, mine and ours family – three beautiful children. Tia was one of those orphans they called “the crib babies of Romania”. By the grace of God, she was adopted by an American family and given a beautiful chance to live. Many were not!

Adoption has been a part of Tia’s life for several years as her family adopted internationally several times, so special needs and adoption is not a new thing for her. When Tia was very young, she thought everyone was adopted. As Tia grew, she realized how unique and special it was to be chosen and she wore it like a badge of honor

When Dennis and Tia married, they spoke of having a one or two biological children and then adopting. After the very terrible and almost life-threatening birth of their daughter Isabel who was born between 34/35 weeks gestation, they decided not to risk another pregnancy and they kept adoption on their radar. A few months after Isabel’s birth Tia had a hysterectomy because of some health issues pertaining to her pregnancy and delivery.

Tia started to look on Reece’s Rainbow daily, praying and then she fell across a sweet girl and shared her with Dennis and they immediately knew that she belonged in their family!

They are excited to start this journey of adopting their own sweet “orphan” who is soon to be called “daughter”.

Keep thy heart in all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23

9/20/2019 – AWAITING COURT

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Posey has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.


“Be strong and courageous, do not fear.  The Lord your God is with you…wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

This verse was chosen for our beloved baby, Joshua Eric.  We were very happily surprised to find out we were expecting in the summer of 2017.  We have a beautiful blended family, and were thrilled to welcome our first-born son together.  In the early Fall of 2017, a routine ultrasound showed our baby had a severe congenital heart defect and likely, Down syndrome.  We realized that God had a different plan for our family.  Plans were made for our son to undergo open heart surgery around the age of four months.  During the remainder of Alycia’s pregnancy, medical plans were made and they learned all they could about Down syndrome and the amazing community they were welcomed into locally and throughout social media.  Joshua’s siblings, extended family and friends were so excited and eager to welcome Joshua into our family.

When Joshua was born we knew Down syndrome was nothing to be feared and quite possibly one of our favorite things about him.  He was beautiful and perfect in every way.  He underwent his first heart surgery at one week old and made a steady recovery.  His sweet little soul won the hearts of all who loved him…his nurses, doctors, extended friends and most of all his siblings and parents.  However, as the weeks in the hospital progressed, Joshua went into early heart and lung failure.  He had to undergo several open heart surgeries to repair his heart…much younger than expected.  Very tragically, Joshua passed away from complications post- surgery at the age of 6 weeks and one day old.   As painful as it has been to walk this grief journey and loss of their son, they feel they were given the beautiful gift to have their own hearts and minds opened to the beauty of special needs.

Alycia has always considered adoption a very real calling on her heart.  However, it always seemed elusive.  Too far out of reach to be able to.  After Joshua passed, she began bringing the idea of possibly adopting a child with Down syndrome up to Eric.  Their family thought and prayed about this, feeling as time went on, the tugging on their hearts and souls was for such a time as this.  They talked with their older kids and everyone was wholeheartedly supportive.  They experienced true, unconditional selfless love for their special needs infant and their hearts were cracked wide open to the needs of other babies who are orphaned.  They realized that Joshua could have been born in any other country, or at any other time in history and not experienced the amount of care and love he received.

Knowing our family has an immense amount of enduring love to give an orphan, we have committed to the adoption of a baby boy who also has Down syndrome.   We feel incredibly blessed to be entrusted with this calling.   In the midst of much devastation with the loss of our first son, God has been doing something.  In His way and in His timing, new hope has begun to grow.  We know only God knows the full story and He is doing what only He can do.  We believe that God is picking us to personally live out one of His promises… “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.” John 14:18

We ask for your continued prayers as we move forward with paperwork, towards funding our adoption and eagerly awaiting the time we can bring our baby boy home to the safety of our arms.  We know God is right here with us.  We cling to this hope.  Believe this hope.  Live out this hope as He creates beauty from ashes.   Fully.  Completely.  Perfectly.  With Him.

9/27/2019 — COURT on OCT 21

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When she traveled in 2018 to adopt her son, Campbell, Sara had the opportunity to speak to the Director of her son’s Orphanage. Sara learned that of the approximately 500 children in Orphanage’s care, almost 1/5 of the children had Down Syndrome. Even more staggering was the revelation that her son was only the 7th child with Down Syndrome to be adopted from that Orphanage. After learning about these children, Sara committed to advocate and help them find their forever families.

Upon returning home with her son, Sara started to read a collection of folktales to him each night. One of these folktales, “Holding Up the Sky”, followed a little hummingbird that was determined to do her part to save the sky from falling. Her friend, the elephant, laughed at her attempt to hold up the sky with her little hummingbird legs, but the hummingbird was determined to do her part.

Sara was moved to tears by this tale and shared it with her older children, Elise and Luke. They saw themselves as the hummingbird and decided that they were ready to go beyond advocacy and do their part to bring home another child with Down Syndrome from Campbell’s Orphanage.

Sara, a Middle School Special Education Teacher, has already begun fundraising with bake sales, garage sales, auctions, and more to come. The Croasdaile family, Sara, Elise, Luke, and Cam, welcome other hummingbirds to join them in supporting the journey to bring home their beautiful treasure!


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Adelyn has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant.




Jody and Michelle Duncan have been married for almost 24 years and have four beautiful daughters, ages 19 to 7.  For several years they have had a burden for orphan care.  After walking with their friends through an adoption journey, they learned of the staggering number of orphans in the world and the dire state in which so many of these children live.  As Christians they felt the scriptures that instruct believers to care for the orphan were spoken in a very personal way to them, but they often made excuses of why they could not adopt.  These included the fact that they could not afford it, were busy with their own children, and not equipped to deal with the special needs an adopted child would have.

On two different occasions the family hosted orphans in their home for the Christmas holidays.  The Duncans were open to adopt the hosted children but for various reasons those children could not be adopted. However, after the last hosting experience, they were ready to finally act and move forward with being obedient to what God was calling them to do. The Duncans desire to adopt an older child because these children have a small chance of being chosen.

The Duncans are not wealthy nor do they have many financial assets.  However, they do have a longing to offer a home to a child who has none.  Psalm 68:5-6 tells us that God is a Father to the Fatherless and that He sets the lonely in families. Even though they have been blessed with four biological daughters, they know that there is room in their hearts to love and care for another child.


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Inga has received a $7,500 Older Child Grant.

Dean and Lacey Junell have been best friends for 9 years and married for nearly 8. Together they have three wonderful and spunky children who range from 11 to 4 years old. Dean and Lacey have always had a heart for helping others – Dean works as a firefighter paramedic, and Lacey is currently earning degrees in elementary education and psychology, with the dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher. They both just want to make a difference in the lives of others.

Long time cheerleaders of other adoptive families, the Junell’s have loved following along and supporting other families in their greatest adventures. Lacey became familiar with Reece’s Rainbow and grew to learn the stories and the faces with intentions of advocacy. Then one day they saw her face, and everything changed. Something in this little one’s eyes sparked a fire in them that they could not ignore. Upon emailing her agency, they were crushed to hear that a family had already committed to this sweet one. Six months later, out of the blue Lacey received an email from the same agency. The previous family was not able to complete the adoption. Both heartbroken for this child and overjoyed at the chance to make her their daughter, Dean and Lacey committed immediately.

This family is no stranger to special needs and purposeful parenting, as one of their children already has complicated diagnoses. They are willing and able to put forth all the work and time necessary to bring this precious child home, and to help her thrive once she is home.

Any help is immensely appreciated in their journey to bringing home the littlest Junell, adoption truly takes a village!

9/30/2019 — FINAL TRIP in OCTOBER

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The Scotts are a family of 5 living in South Carolina. With 3 boys at home ages 5, 8, and 10, Dan and Abby always knew that someday they wanted to add a sweet girl into the mix. After joining Reece’s Rainbow’s Facebook group they saw a precious young girl being advocated for and knew that she was meant to be their daughter. Through pursuing this adoption they have learned more about what it means to have special needs and how to care for their soon to be daughter who has moderate to severe Cerebral Palsy. What they used to see as a disability they now see as special abilities, she is so able and the special needs community has shown them that different abilities are something to be celebrated! They hope that their adoption will inspire others to step out in faith into the unknown and care for a child that will bring so much joy and open the mind of others to how capable special needs people really are. We hope that you join us on our journey in bringing our precious and wonderful daughter home!


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Lily has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant.





Shannon and her family live in Maryland. Shannon is mom to her son Alex and her daughter Chelsea. Chelsea was adopted at 11 years old and lived most of her life in an orphanage. Chelsea spent much of her life being considered blind and in a wheelchair. In a short few months home, she is flourishing, wearing glasses, learning, and there is much hope she will soon walk. She has brought so much joy to their family and is a true testament to what love can do for a child. Shannon has always intended to adopt again and is prayerfully hopeful that the child she has seen on Reece’s Rainbow will become her daughter. This family has stated they have always had a heart for adoption and bringing Chelsea home solidified the place adoption has in their life. Chelsea is a low vision child and the family hopes to adopt another low vision girl. Chelsea and Alex are both excited about the idea of a new sister. Reece’s Rainbow helped bring Chelsea home. The family is so grateful to work with Reece’s Rainbow again as they begin their journey to adopt their second daughter. Shannon and her children thank you for your kindness, support, and generosity in helping bring an child home to a loving forever family.

9/20/2018 — AWAITING TRAVEL 

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*** Honor has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant ***

Matt and Sherry Fry fell in love in high school in 1988. They lost contact and were reunited in 2010, 22 years later through Facebook. They married in 2013 with Matt having two small sons and Sherry having two grown daughters. They have 5 grandchildren and one due in December. The latest addition to the family is Miss Nastiia, a Reece’s Rainbow sweetheart adopted in 2016. Nastiia is a true princess with a whole lot of sass!

After Nastiia came home, Sherry found a video of a darling older girl with cerebral palsy and was instantly drawn to her. Sherry would soon realize why: Sherry had lost twins in 2004. That same year, the child she saw in the video was born across the world, also as a twin!

Matt and Sherry knew that she was meant to be their daughter; this was God’s plan, not their own. They had a full house and honestly thought they were finished having children! After watching this same video over and over and leaving this decision in God’s hands, they quickly realized there would always be enough love for one more small Fry. They would love your prayers and support as they work to raise the money needed to bring their new daughter home to her forever family.


$7,879.45 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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The Fry family has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant. The child they are hoping to adopt will be added to their FSP later in the process.

Robert and Kelly Hickey are High School sweethearts who started dating at age 16 and have been inseparable ever since! They spent 8 years together prior to their marriage supporting one another as they developed their careers and built a home together. Robert is a hardworking, family man who works as a mechanic, lays concrete, and plows. He also spends much of his time working on their new home in which they will build their family in. Kelly is a passionate special educator who went on to pursue Behavior Analysis and spends her days working hard to advocate for those with disabilities. Although Kelly has her dream job, she knows her true purpose in life is Motherhood. While Robert and Kelly are still newly married, they have been highly anticipating the start of their new family. Since early on in their relationship, the couple had discussed growing their family through adoption, however, they didn’t know when would be the right time. The couple had decided they would start by pursuing foster care but one night as they were preparing to send the application, they had an overwhelming feeling that God was leading them to a specific adoption. Not long after, Kelly came across a photo of a beautiful little boy, and instantly knew that he was the one waiting for them. The couple worked tirelessly to bring their son home from an orphanage to the love and family that he deserved, but unfortunately did not make it in time. While the loss of their son was completely devastating, they knew they had to continue to pursue an adoption.

Robert and Kelly prayed for their son to guide them to another worthy child. After several months they were finally connected to a little girl who completely stole their hearts. The love was instant, just like it was for their little boy!

The Hickeys, along with their families and friends, are beyond excited to bring their daughter home! Their adoption journey has been long and difficult but with everyone’s support they know God will make this possible for their growing family. Robert and Kelly are incredibly appreciative of any financial, emotional, or spiritual support that you can provide.

9/25/2019 — TRAVELING NOW

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Larry and Angela met when Angela was still in high school and began dating several years later. Friendship blossomed into love and they married in 1993. Early on in their relationship they discussed their future plans for a family and decided that they would have at least one biological child but would also like to adopt at some point. They talked about the possibility of adopting a child with Down syndrome one day, since as a special education teacher Angela had always felt called to parent a child with special needs. Six years after getting married they had Holton, and for the next 9 years he was an only child. At that point, they realized that it was time to expand their family and they both agreed that it wasn’t important to them whether they brought any more children into the world, because there were plenty of kids who needed families and they would love them just as much whether or not they gave birth to them. In addition, they realized that there were many kids who were considered harder to place due to being older or having special needs. They wanted to provide a family for kids who may not otherwise have one. Their daughter Maili joined the family at the age of 4. She was born in China and was listed as having a congenital heart defect in addition to significant developmental delays due to hypoxia at birth. She brought a joy to their family that they had not even imagined possible, and two years later they returned to China to adopt another daughter. Callie was 6 years old at that time and only 8 months younger than Maili. She had a very rare heart condition but has thrived after having surgery. The girls quickly became inseparable and today these virtual twins are still the very best of friends. Now that the girls are almost teenagers, the Hornbuckles have decided that it is time to add to their joy once more by adopting a little boy with Down syndrome. The kids couldn’t be more excited about having a younger sibling to dote on, and Angela and Larry are ready to complete their family as they envisioned it almost 25 years ago. They feel particularly led to adopt a child with more significant medical and developmental disabilities who may have a harder time finding a family. In addition to Down Syndrome, Ethan has been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect (TOF) as well as tracheal and subglottic stenosis. He has a g tube and currently receives tube feedings.

Due to Ethan’s extensive medical needs, there will be increased medical expenses once he arrives home and they are trying to make sure that they are allowing for that in the monthly budget. Although they have the resources needed to raise this child, they do not yet have all of the resources they need to bring him home. Therefore they will have to rely on the understanding of grant selection committees and generous donors to help them come up with the final $7,000 or so they will need in order to bring this sweet boy home to his forever family in Georgia. The Hornbuckles believe that every child deserves a family regardless of their disability, and this little guy is no exception. They also believe that where God guides, He provides and they ask that you find it in your hearts to help Ethan come home to his forever family because they can’t wait to meet him!

6/12/2019 — DOSSIER SUBMITTED OCT 2018

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Brett and Jessica met 17 years ago while attending college in upstate New York. They currently live in Maryland with their 5 biological children. Clayton (13), Ava (11), Lyla (9), Allen (4) and Pierce (2), are the loves of their lives. Brett is a mechanical engineer and works as project developer at Ameresco Inc and Jessica owns an early intervention preschool for children diagnosed with Autism. They enjoy spending time as a family going for bike rides, playing board games and spending time outside. After Pierce was born they thought their family was complete, however God had other plans. In August 2017, Brett and Jessica started considering International Adoption. After working with children with special needs for over 15 years, Jessica knew that if they decided to adopt, they would adopt a waiting child with special needs.

Brett and Jessica believe that serving those who are the most vulnerable is one of life’s biggest blessings. When you pour love and compassion into those who need it the most, your dreams will start to come true. They are working hard and praying to raise enough money to bring their child home as soon as possible. The country requires 3 trips to finalize the adoption. Thank you for your support and prayers to help bring our precious child home.


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