CHRISTIAN for the Sefransky family — CT

Ellen and Joel live in Connecticut where they have been married for 25 years. They have five children: two in college and three at home. As things often go, their children’s hobbies and interests have become their hobbies and interests. They enjoy getting outside, watching any kind of sport being played by their children and listening to their musical endeavors. The youngest, John (4), born with Down Syndrome, has been a blessing in all their lives. Since John was born, they have been introduced to the world of “special needs”. All members of the family have taken a keen interest into how to bring about John’s best abilities. They still enjoy the same endeavors, but perhaps in a different way. Over the years, Ellen and Joel have learned so much from being parents; so much about themselves. After John was born, they became aware of Reece’s Rainbow and the phrase “waiting children”. They have come to understand these children are not waiting for a ride to school, or waiting for new shoes; their real wait is for a family. Something many of us take for granted. This phrase, “waiting,” has been on their minds for over 4 years. Ellen and Joel feel their life journey has led them to the role of adoptive parents and they are happily accepting of this role.

Ellen traveled to a country intending to be matched with a girl who they picked from Reece’s Rainbow. On this trip, it was discovered that they were a better match to a boy, Christian. He also has Down syndrome. While visiting with him, Ellen and their daughter Diana played hours of “balloon ball” using plastic bowling pins to keep the balloon from hitting the ground. They had many laughs when the balloon would ricochet off someone’s head or face. Christian has lived his whole life in an orphanage where he is well cared for, but he does not have a mom or a dad. He also doesn’t have many choices. In preparing to bring him home, they began reflecting on how many choices their kids had when they were 8 years old. “This to eat or that, these shoes or those, play inside or out…” There is none of that in Christian’s life. In fact, they think we will have to keep choices to a minimum when he comes to America, as we all know the paradox of choice. Just go try and choose a tube of toothpaste!

The Sefransky’s are deeply committed to bringing Christian to live with them forever; deeply committed to giving him the opportunities that their son John has in his neighborhood school, and in the supportive and loving communities of church, family, and friends. They are currently asking for prayers and support to make this adoption financially, emotionally, and spiritually successful. Please consider partnering with them on their journey to make Christian a son and brother.

5/22/2018 — COURT PASSED

$10,749.80 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Christian has received a $15,000 Older Child Grant.