Meet the Anderson-Hansen Family! Charlie and Liz have a blended family with 5 children: Ethan (15), Savanna (13), Abby (12), Emmeline (5) and Cameron (4). Charlie and Liz each brought children from first marriages (the oldest 3), had one child together (Emmeline) and adopted one child through DCF. They are both registered nurses. Charlie works in an ICU and Liz works as a nurse for a group home agency for intellectually delayed adults.

As long as Liz can remember, she had plans to adopt internationally. She scrolled through the profiles of children on the Reece’s Rainbow site for many years, longing to bring a child home. When they met, Liz introduced Charlie to the world of Reece’s Rainbow adoption and he was hooked! After the birth of their daughter, Emmeline, Charlie and Liz researched agencies to start the international adoption process. They were placed with a newborn in 2016. It was quite the surprise! They were unable to pursue and international adoption while holding a DCF foster license, so plans for an international adoption were put on hold. Cameron was officially adopted in 2021 and the home study process is now officially underway!

As nurses, they both feel equipped to care for a child with a complex medical history and would love to adopt an older child. With the closing of a larger house in 2020, they have plenty of space and love to provide for another child. The children are very excited for the addition of a new family member and are all ready to start fundraising to bring their new sibling home from Eastern Europe! Family and friends are all supportive of this new adventure for the Anderson-Hansen Family. We know that it takes a village to raise a child and would be would feel blessed to have you all along on this journey to bring our child home!


$6,201.28 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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