“ihaveawarrior”Boy, born 2018

Talipes valgus
atrial septal defect
patent ductus arteriosus

Updated pics 10/20; update from a family that met him 10/20:
Fraser was a very sweet and smart boy! He was very loving and happy. He seemed comfortable with his caregivers, happy and playful. He speaks and says several words appropriately for his age. He knows the names of the other children in his room. Fraser was very playful and played well with both caregivers and other kids. He also played with toys. He played peek a boo and laughed with our son. His listing says club feet. He does stand on both feet but rolls onto his heels and stands on his heels. He walked with assistance but was dragging his feet. We were told he walks unassisted but did not witness it. We were also told that his heart condition would close on its own and not need any surgery.
He has two brothers and a sister that are under custody and not adoptable at this time

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Boy, born 2014
Bullous ichthyosiform erythroderma

Additional photos and video available.

Tristan has a severe skin condition. Look at that smile in spite of what must be very painful and itchy sores. A report from August 2018 says the following:

Tristan has a pair of bright eyes. He has a smile, he is so shy and cute when he laughs. He loves clean. Although he is young, he always spreads out the little towel, puts the bowel and spoon on the towel and has a meal carefully each time when it’s time for a meal. He knows to clean his face and mouth after a meal, and tells the caretaker that he eats over. When the caretaker praises him “well done”, he shows his happy smile. He likes all kinds of snacks and his favorite foods are ships and chocolates; he also loves all kinds of fruits, such as apple and pear. His favorite fruits are bananas. He is fond of watching cartoon; sometimes when there is familiar music from TV, he knows to sing follow it. His favorite cartoon is Boonie Bears. He sleeps alone in his cradle.

Tristan can go upstairs and downstairs without help, can jump off floor with both feet, can go upstairs one foot per step, can hold a pen with right hand, can hold a pen with full hand and scribbles on the book. He also can grasp a small ball with his hand, throw the ball away. He knows red color, count numerals of 1-5. He is fond of playing with toys. He is happiest when he is playing with toys. Usually he can play with toys alone over 10 minutes. He likes all kinds of toys. He can take a toy with his hand and plays with it, he puts it back after he doesn’t play; he can put on and take off socks and shoes. Due to his skin, he is difficulty in putting on and taking off clothes.

He can say some phrases; he is very clever and is not afraid of strangers. Each day, he sees that the caretaker goes to work or off the work, he says “good morning, mom” “goodbye, mom” on his own initiative. When he sees the repair men in the institute, he also says hello to them with open arms. The staffs like him very much. He knows the adult’s words and he also can communicate with the adult. He states out his needs on his own initiative and makes the caretaker to know his meanings. Sometimes we ask him “how old are you?”, he answers “4 years old”. In the group, he knows the names of all children, like a big brother; even if the children change their beds each other, he also knows to state out their names. He often plays with children together in the group. Sometimes he is naughty and grabs the toy with other children. He enjoys that he is praised by the adult, he is so happy at that time. Sometimes he is naughty, he shows his unhappiness and grievance when is criticized by the caretaker.

Please won’t a family adopt this sweetie and help make his life with this skin condition as comfortable as possible as he continues to grow and thrive!

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Boy, born 2016

Other disorders of psychological development
failure to thrive
Atrial septal defect

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Girl, born 2017
Down syndrome, hearing loss

Listed: Oct 2019

Tinsley is a beautiful little girl, with Down syndrome and significant hearing loss in both ears. Tinsley can turn her head from side to side, roll over, and kick her legs and wave her arms. She looks at the nanny’s face when she is being cuddled and will smile back at her nanny when her nanny smiles at her. Tinsley will cry when she wants to be cuddled and quiets down quickly once held. Her nanny describes her as so very lovely! When Tinsley is happy, she will babble, sticks out her tongue, or chuckle. Tinsley loves to take a bath! Slapping the water and splashing around makes her so happy. Tinsley would thrive in a family who could teach her sign language to help her communicate. Could that family be yours?

There is a $3,500 agency grant for Tinsley’s adoption with a specific adoption agency.

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Girl, born 2009
Spinal meningocele

Listed: Sep 2018

Determined Darcy is described by those who know her as joyful and optimistic. Darcy was a camper at an advocacy camp run by another agency in November of 2017. Agency reps and Darcy’s camp partner said that she was a true delight, full of personality. She was ready to go, go, go! Everyone at camp loved watching her facial expressions, as they said everything she was thinking. Her must watch camp video spotlights her sunny disposition and the exuberance she felt at camp. Darcy loved riding the bus, shopping, exploring, and eating.

Darcy was born with a spinal meningocele, which has been surgically removed, but she now has paralysis in her lower limbs. She is able to zip her wheelchair here and there and makes sure she puts herself in the middle of the action. She is said to be able to enjoy herself and that is absolutely true. She will find enjoyment in all that is going on around her. Darcy will be a gift to her family, but she desperately needs to find one so that she can share her joy not just with her family, but with the world! Do watch her video and help us find this waiting gem a forever family!


There is a $1,000 agency grant for Darcy’s adoption with a specific adoption agency.

*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***

Boy, born 2014
Down Syndrome; Endocrine disorder

Listed: April 2018

Kaleb is a handsome and happy little boy, born in April of 2014 with down syndrome and an endocrine disorder. Kaleb likes to listen to music and play games. He is described as gentle, quiet, and shy. When he needs comfort, he will ask his caregiver for a hug. Kaleb can dress himself, put shoes on, and eat with a spoon, even if he might make a mess sometimes. He moves fast and can step over small chairs, get on tables, go up and down stairs, run, and jump. He is able to say simple words such as ‘mom’, ‘thank you’, ‘bye’, and other two syllable words. Though he doesn’t go to school, he is currently attending a pre-school education class in the orphanage along with ten other children. He is able to understand and follow instructions given by the caregivers. In October of 2015, a lab test showed that his blood thyroid hormone (T4) was low. He has since been taking medication and is regularly examined. Kaleb really likes to eat sweets, such as cake, candy, and other snacks. He also enjoys playing games and can be more focused than others if he is interested. He is described as cheerful, active, and is noted to get along well with the other children.

Kaleb joined an In-Orphanage Care Center in October of 2015.  The care center hires, trains and oversees nannies caring for a designated group of children with special needs. Staff say that Kaleb has brought a lot of joy and love to their room ever since! He is a happy little fellow with a big smile and a sweet personality. He loves cuddling and is often found crawling into somebody’s lap. Kaleb has a contagious laugh and he adds so much joy wherever he goes.

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Kaleb’s adoption with his current agency. Kaleb needs a family with an approved home study to be able to hold his file or move forward with adopting him.

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Girl, born 2013


guardianangelGirl, born 2014
Down syndrome; CHD (ASD)

Listed: November 2017

Stella Mae is an absolutely darling girl who just recently turned 3 years old. She has the cutest little personality that you can see in her must-watch videos. Stella lives with a foster family and likes to follow her foster grandmother around wherever she goes! Stella is an active and extroverted little girl, who loves to listen to music, play with colorful toys, and play interactive games. She is also a good eater, and sleeps well through the night. Stella is a sweet and smiley girl who was born with down syndrome and a congenital heart defect- ASD, for which she has already had surgery to correct. She is ready to come home and be the light of her family’s life!

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November 2019


Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: July 2017

Alisa is a go getter. She loves to explore her surroundings and loves lots of cuddles in her foster home. Alisa is a darling girl, whose personality along with some great dimples light up the room! She has been a part of Joyful Life and loved by so many. Alisa was born in 2014 with Down syndrome. She is ready to come home and be the joy of her new family’s life!

1,008.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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