The Collins Family is excited to expand their family and add a new little one to the bunch! Lee & Diana have been married for 22 years and are the proud parents of 4 amazing children. Spencer is 20 years old, Trevor is 19, Emma is 12, and their youngest daughter Kenzie is 4 years old and has Down syndrome. She was adopted 3 years ago. Kenzie’s adoption had such a great impact on their lives and their family’s lives. She has changed so many perspectives, and demonstrates how worthy children with special needs truly are. Diana has a background in Child Development and Education, while Lee has a professional business background. For 11 years, they ran a preschool fitness program in their area, and worked with young children on gross motor development and fitness. A year ago they changed industries, and now own a Pool service and repair company. Lee runs the business which allows Diana to stay home with the children. The Collins family lives a very outdoorsy lifestyle. Lee & Diana enjoy going hiking, running, and on family walks. The boys grew up playing soccer their whole lives, and as they have gotten older they enjoy skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. Emma has taken on the love for soccer as well, and also enjoys bike rides with her friends. Kenzie enjoys dance class, and doing anything outdoors with her family! No matter what you find the Collins family doing, you will see them doing it together. Family and togetherness is the most important thing to them. Lee & Diana love being parents, and take a lot of pride in their children. They strongly believe that parenting isn’t only about being a parent, it’s about providing opportunity and exposure, inclusion, sharing experiences, encouragement, support, teaching acceptance, and creating strong, individuals for life. They look forward to bringing another child into their home to share the love and happiness of their family!


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Meet the Houston family made up of Wesley, Rachael and their dog Kyba! Wes and Rach met at an elementary school play of Frog and Toad, it was true love at first sight! They share a passion for music, art, exploration, the outdoors, and family. Rachael, a teacher for 10 years and now administrator, has a passion for children and a great deal of experience with children with physical, mental, and emotional special needs. Wesley is the laid back and go with the flow kind of guy. He works as an insurance adjuster by day and a recreational ultimate frisbee player by night. They are an energetic couple who loves to tackle challenges as a team!

Not too long after getting married Wesley and Rachael found out they would not be able to have biological children of their own. This was when Rachael shared that as a young teenager she felt the impression that she was going to adopt one day. At the time it seemed strange because that was not the phase of life she was even really thinking about. Although the experience was long in the past it had always stayed with her. After many hours of researching, and researching, and researching some more they made the decision to move forward with international adoption. They both love children and are egger to become parents and share their love with a child!

Darcy Joy completely stole their hearts as soon as they saw her bio! The more they learned about her the more they fell in love. Their soon to be daughter was diagnosed with postoperative lumbar spinal meningocele, also known as Spina Bifida. She is unable to walk but that doesn’t slow her down one bit. She is a favorite in the orphanage as stated by her nannies and she is a big time favorite by her soon to be family.  The Houston’s feel extremely blessed to be on this journey to building their forever family!

4/13/2021 — DOSSIER LOGGED IN on 3/8

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You can follow their journey at as they make a difference to this one; their little “Star” fish.



Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at  and their FaceBook page:




Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at




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