Nathan and Stephanie Faught have been married for eleven years and have five wonderful children- three biological and two born in their hearts. During their engagement, the Lord started drawing them to hurting children through a ministry that serves families in the inner city. With big hearts and an open door policy, Nate and Stephanie quickly began filling their home with children to love, both biological and through the inner city ministry. Within the first five years of their marriage, they were parents to three babies/toddlers, and a teen. Although it seemed crazy to many, the Lord was all in it! He was clearly leading them down a path unlike what they had planned. As Proverbs 16:9 reminds us…”The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” From early on, they just wanted their steps ordered by Him.

In year 8 of their marriage, the Father brought them a handsome brave seven year old boy! What a gift this boy was to them. Amazingly, he is now their son. Many asked how they were able to take on so much, and their response always pointed others toward God. They continuously re-mind others that this journey of adding children to their family is His call on their lives. Adoption has come with it’s challenges; yet through the hard times, the Lord has always been faithful.

Fast forward to the following year… at a time when Nate and Stephanie just knew they couldn’t handle anymore changes in their lives… the Father placed a precious three year old girl into their laps. She came to them “just for respite”… two to four weeks max. God sure has a sense of humor because that little sweetness is now their daughter. AND… the most incredible part is that she has Down Syndrome. A special need the Faughts had never considered. In fact, they were quite intimidated by raising a special needs child…. BUT GOD… when they saw her picture… they did not see a child with Down Syndrome. They saw HER! She was a precious soul in need of love. They quickly learned that she was no different than the other children the Lord had brought them!

Adding her to their family has changed all of them in such a beautiful way! It’s one thing to read about the millions of orphans living in institutions and feel sad for them. But when someone be-comes mommy, daddy, or brother to one of those children, a true passion is developed. They’ve experienced first hand how being orphaned truly affects a child, and they all long to see each of these children find a forever family! The Faughts have also been shown the true value of these precious ones with special needs-specifically those with down syndrome. The Father showed them that while many have labeled these children a burden, they are truly one of His greatest treasures…fearfully and wonderfully made by Him.

This summer, a dear friend of theirs had an amazing opportunity to visit an orphanage in Asia to check on a handful of waiting children. The day she visited them, the whole Faught family was praying that each child would feel the Father’s love through her and that they would finally be found by their forever families. When the friend returned home, she posted pictures of the children she had met. Stephanie and her children sat at the table looking at their precious faces. When they came to a picture of a little girl with down syndrome dressed in yellow, their oldest son proclaimed, “Mom, that is our sister! Can we adopt her?” The other children quickly chimed in, “yes, mom, please!!!” Stephanie simply replied that they would just have to pray about it. When Nate returned home from work, he was met at the door with a picture of this sweet girl and begging little boys. He echoed Stephanie’s response that they just needed to pray. The brothers united together telling him that they pray for orphans all the time and they just knew this one was their sister. That week, they watched as their children prayed with such fervor. Nathan and Stephanie prayed too and the Lord confirmed that she was indeed their child! When Stephanie reached out to her friend to get some more information, her friend told her that the little girls advocacy name was “Stephanie”. She laughed out loud and thought to herself, “well, of course it is”.

The whole family is so excited to bring Stephanie home, hopefully early next year. They would love to see others join them on this journey, and they thank you in advance for all of your prayers and support!

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Colin and Kym have been married sixteen years and have nine biological children. Colin is a firefighter/paramedic and Kym is a homeschooling Mom.

Since even before they were married, Colin and Kym talked about adopting one day. It has always been something that was on their hearts. They had several friends who had adopted, and Kym followed their stories and their blogs and passed along their stories to Colin. They were always curious about what those friends had said of their adopted children: “I just knew that child was mine.” They wondered: “What did that feel like, to look at the face of a child half the world away, and to know that child belonged to you?” It was a mystery to them.

One day, Kym was sitting at the computer following still another adoption story, when up popped the face of a little boy staring right back at her. That face. Those eyes. She knew instantly what her friends had meant when they had said they “knew.”

The face looking back at her was her son.

She immediately sent a text to Colin and asked that he check out the little guy’s file. He too was moved. But they already had nine kids of their own – one still a baby – they had a family trip which had already been planned, and Colin was looking at leaving one fire department to go work for another. It wasn’t a good time.

Three months later, when life was a bit slower, Kym asked Colin if he ever thought of that little guy. Without saying a word, Colin pulled his phone from his pocket, turned it on, and showed her the Reece’s Rainbow page that had been opened all that time. “I’ve never closed the file. I look at him every day,” Colin said quietly. And then he said, “I think we need to bring him home.”

Obviously, the budget is tight when you’ve got nine kids eating you out of house and home, so Colin simply trusts and prays daily: “God, I’m just a lowly firefighter with a firefighter’s salary. If this is supposed to happen, You’re going to have to come up with the money to make it happen.” And so far, GOD HAS PROVIDED! For every piece of paperwork, document submittal, or fingerprinting appointment, God has provided them with the exact funds they have needed to pay for those things at the time they have needed them.

There is still so much to be done and more money to be found, but they have great confidence that all will come through at the time it is meant to, so they forge ahead and eagerly prepare their kids, their hearts, and their home, for the new little Fachling who will join them next year.


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Meet the Chilton family. We are Jason, Donna, Katy, Clark, Brody, Callie and coming soon  “Anna” as we will call her. We have been married for 11 years. Jason works as a safety director and Donna homeschools the kids.

After having two biological kids, Jason and Donna felt the call to adopt. In 2014, they brought siblings Katy and Brody home from Ukraine. Katy has Spina Bifida along with other complications. After almost five years home, the Chiltons have felt the call to adopt again. They knew from the moment they saw Anna’s face that it was meant to be. She has Spina Bifida like Katy. They are so excited to add sweet little Anna to their family.


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Jake and Jada Allen have been married for just over two years. Although they do not have any children yet, they do have four dogs that they consider their family. Jake and Jada met straight out of high school and got married around two years later. Jake works as a district manager and Jada is a teacher in a special needs classroom.

They have both always dreamed of growing their family through adoption, but thought it would be later on in life as they are both very young. Jake is just 24 and Jada is just 23. They have both always known friends and family that have adopted internationally as well and were familiar with the process. One day a friend of Jada’s shared some waiting children on her Facebook profile from Asia. While Jake and Jada were not old enough yet to adopt from Asia, this really sparked Jada’s desire to begin the process of adoption.

After talking with Jake, they decided to reach out to the agency to officially begin the adoption process. Due to their young age, one country was the best fit for them. At first they wanted to go the traditional route because it usually takes a longer time and would have given them time to save up money and prepare to become first time parents. They both took a look at the waiting child list and immediately found their daughter.

They are matched to a three-year-old little girl who will shortly be turning four years old. Although she faces multiple medical problems, she is smiling and happy in all of her pictures and videos. Jake and Jada did a medical review with the International Adoption Clinic and the doctor described their little girl as one who has already defeated all of the odds.

Jake and Jada have taken a great leap of faith in adopting internationally but they know that God will provide to bring their little girl home. They greatly appreciate you for taking the time to read their story and your consideration of a tax-deductible donation to their adoption fund. Please continue to pray for them as they get ready to become first-time parents to their beautiful little girl.


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There are times in our life when God is calling us to step out on faith and trust in Him and no one could have given us a more profound love and help us have a greater faith and trust in our Lord than our precious second born son Jake. Born with a terminal illness that left him severely handicapped and medically fragile, Jake opened our eyes to a whole new world of special needs, chronic illnesses and medical fragility that we never knew existed. Yet through all the struggles, we found the true face of God, our Rock, our Redeemer, our great Comforter. Because of his pure and selfless love, having Jake as our son has completely transformed our lives and we are forever changed by God’s blessings and His goodness. He has blessed us in this life with 3 wonderful sons and although shortly after his 3rd birthday, we were stricken by life’s greatest tragedy in losing our precious and beloved Jake, we can’t help but be thankful that we have been chosen for such a treacherous journey because through the storms, our eyes have been opened to see the beauty of God’s precious orphans that are in need a mother and father to show them the love and comforts of a family.

Because of Jake, we have a heart for God’s special children living in orphanages that have been “thrown away” and otherwise forgotten. To others they may seem damaged but we see the true beauty that God sees in them and we know the full potential they possess if only given the chance. We feel that God is tugging at our hearts to adopt our 4th son whom we believe God has already chosen for us; a precious angel who was placed in a orphanage simply because he was born with Down Syndrome. What his birth mother saw as a burden, we know if a gift from God and we want to show him how worthy and loved he truly is but we need your help to make him ours. We are fully stepping out on faith and trusting God to make a way financially for us to bring our next child home. We trust in Him and know that He will provide for our needs. We want to thank you in advance for helping us bring our precious angel home and give him a wonderful family who will give him the life he deserves.


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Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at




Alina (Colleen) 2013

Alina (Colleen) 2013

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at


Our second adoption was a quick and easy process. Our timeline was less than 4 months from the date we committed to adopt until we were home from Serbia with our son.  Grifyn is an absolute delight! He is charming and very smart. In just a few short weeks home, he is saying words in Elnglish, using sign language and following simple requests with verbal cues. He has bonded beautifully with our family. We are already seeing the advantages of having 2 children with Down Syndrome and we are so very thankful that our boys will grow up together.

Our family will be forever grateful to the ministry of Reece’s Rainbow for helping us to find Grifyn and Xander. We are so very blessed to be their parents and we are looking forward to watching them grow and reach their full potential.


Xander 2015

Xander 2015


The question that we always get asked about our adoption is “Why would you choose a child with Down syndrome?” My simple answer is always this: “We prayed, God answered and we obeyed.” And our family has been blessed beyond measure through our obedience. We have a perfect little boy with a sparkle in his eye that reminds me each time I look at him that there is no price to be put on the life of a child. Our adoption journey took just 2 days shy of 8 months from the day we found Reece’s Rainbow. At times it seemed like an emotional rollercoaster, but the ride was well worth the end result: our forever child. I consider it an honor to say that I am the mother of this precious gift from God. We are looking forward to the challenges and rewards of extra chromosomes!


Our adoption journey this time was very eventful. We arrived in Bogota, Colombia on May 27th and received our newest girls on Monday.   Their names are Lilyanna Hope and Gabriella Joy.  Our meeting was fantastic and they adjusted very well. The Lord sent us two very precious girls and we know they are meant to be a part of our family. We have now been home for 3 weeks and are still adjusting. We have been running to DR’s appointments and just spending time as a family. Our stay in Colombia lasted one month and then we returned to Alabama.  We feel it is such a honor to be the parents to children with Down Syndrome, and we just love watching them grow and develop each and every day. It is like watching a caterpillar in a cocoon and turning into this beautiful butterfly. they are all unique and have many hidden dreams just ready to share with the world. You may read about our family in the July 31st edition of Woman’s Day Magazine that will hit newsstands on July 24th.

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at