Fundraiser Definitions

1. Auction §
An auction is a fundraiser which has multiple items (or one high price item) where people will bid the amount they will donate to be the recipient. The goal is to raise more money than the cost of the item (though some items are donated so the family would receive the full amount) by people bidding higher and higher. The winner is the one who bids the highest bid and they are the only person who will be making a donation for that item.

Auctions do not need to have a free entry. The bidder is receiving an item so they are, in fact, making a purchase.

2. Selling §
Another fundraiser is where the person is selling an item and the buyer pays for the item. This can include material property or some people will sell a puzzle piece that their name goes on the back of for a picture that will eventually go on the wall of the child being adopted. So, they do not receive the puzzle piece but they are getting to have their name put on the puzzle piece or other such item. This is similar to buying a star. You don’t have physical ownership of the star but you have the receipt showing your name is on it. Again, it is a ‘virtual’ thing being sold so each donor is receiving what is being sold. Whether an object/item they take physical ownership of or the right to having their name on the puzzle piece or other such thing, they are receiving something for their donation.

3. Give-Away §
This is where you have to be cautious. You are asking for DONATIONS, not selling chances to win an item or items. It is required that anyone wishing to enter be allowed to, whether they donate or you have a free way to enter. The drawing is simply a drawing to give away a gift. People are not buying a chance to win. If you are selling entries to a give-away it becomes a raffle and ALL ONLINE RAFFLES ARE ILLEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES.

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