We are happy to announce that we've come up with a new, server-friendly Donation Box system.  Your Donation Box will look the same as it did before, but the grant total will be updated hourly (your fsp page will still show the correct amount immediately).  The new donation box should load faster on your blog, and it won't slow down our servers.  

Do you want to raise funds for your grant straight from your blog? Here's what it looks like:


Here is the code you will need (you will also need a family id code.  Please email Lisa for your code):

<iframe src="http://static.reecesrainbow.org/donation-box/familyid.html" width="200" height="340" scrolling=no></iframe>

For example, if I were the Smith family and my family id was fsp-SmithFred, my code would be:

<iframe src="http://static.reecesrainbow.org/donation-box/fsp-SmithFred.html" width="200" height="340" scrolling=no></iframe>

Note: If you are a family, don't forget the fsp- at the start of your code.

To put on your blog: Go into the Design view of your blog and add an html/javascript gadget.

Note: You can play around with the width and height numbers if the box is not fitting on your sidebar.




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