Girl, Age: 8
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down Syndrome / delayed growth & development
Listed: Jan 2018
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Zoe is an active, happy child who likes to tease and play games with her caretakers. Her file notes that since the time of her intake, she has continued to progress developmentally, has good motor skills and can point to parts of her body when instructed. Her file describes her as becoming more and more beautiful and adorable each month that goes by. She likes to tease her nannies and if they ask her to stand for a photo, she will sit right before they press the shutter and smile and giggle and do this repeatedly to tease with them. She loves to give hugs to everyone she meets and is not afraid of strangers and has learned to wave goodbye when a guest leaves. She lights up when the nannies praise her and she enjoys playing with toys and her peers, but can also play independently as well. She enjoys toys with colorful and various shapes and gets along with her peers. She is able to respond to her nannies instructions and knows when her name is being called. She understands her teacher’s motions and words and often imitates them. At 24 months, she could crawl to look for toys to play and could independently stand up and stand for a while. She is also able to walk by holding onto the rail or by holding on to a nanny’s hand. She now has a steadier gait and can toddle by herself and is walking more steadily than in the months prior. She will reach out her hands to the nannies as if to ask them to help guide her to walk. She will imitate words and uses some words to express her needs.

Zoe was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and has delayed growth and development. She is in rehabilitation/therapy and cooperates well with her rehabilitation training and with therapists. Her file is extremely detailed with a lot of wonderful developmental information and benchmarks and any family interested in reviewing her file can be connected with individuals who have visited her orphanage. This little one has so much potential if given the right family to grow and thrive in.