Girl, Age: 6
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Xena has Down Syndrome and other medical concerns.
Listed: Mar 2018
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Xena is known as a girl with a sweet personality, rarely crying. She likes to play in her bed with toys that make noise, listen to music and being near caregivers while holding their hands. Xena can bang two blocks together, understand when others speak to her and will follow simple directions. A report from 3/2018 indicates she can sit without support, stay in a crawl position, creep on her tummy, reach for toys and visually follow her caregivers when they move around the room.

January 2021 Written Update:   Xena is described as introverted. She likes to play on her own and is not very responsive to other kids and adults.  She’s not attached to anyone. She plays alone and has no communication with others. She doesn’t follow instructions, and is not potty trained yet.  Xena can sit up on her own, and can walk a little while while holding on to supports.  She creeps to stuff that she wants — she enjoys colorful balls and toy cars.  She likes bright colors.  She does not currently receive any schooling.