Boy, Age: 8
academically delayed due to his impacted social-emotional development
Listed: Aug 2019
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Xavier is a 6 year old boy who is happiest when it’s time to eat! He loves parties, especially ones with cake but doesn’t care much for the loud noises or large groups of people. He enjoys dancing, singing, and painting. Xavier is in school and has reportedly adapted well to the classroom dynamic. He is said to be obedient and respectful towards his teachers but is academically delayed due to his impacted social-emotional development. With adequate support, primarily tutoring and assistance with homework, he has shown academic improvements. He is kind to animals and is respectful of his and other’s personal property. Xavier has a history of abuse/trauma. More information available from the agency for serious inquiries. Xavier is capable of following instructions but requires close adult supervision and encouragement. He is gaining autonomy in his daily routine and sleeps throughout the night without waking. Xavier’s caregivers say he is honest and is capable of giving and receiving affection. At times, Xavier can become frustrated easily and this often leads to him giving up on a task. His caregivers are working with him to regulate these emotions and improve his emotional communication skills. When asked about an adoptive family, Xavier expresses interest and says he wants a family “to help him with his homework”. Xavier would do best in a home where he is the youngest child. His adoptive family needs to be able to provide him with plenty of individualized attention and support.