Boy, Age: 9
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: May 2017
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Wendyll is a wonderful two-year-old boy waiting for a forever family. He has a good appetite and is not a picky eater. He loves to eat and will make noises when he sees the caregivers getting food ready. He will even make noises when he is full and the caretakers are eating. Wendyll bathes more in the summer than in the winter, usually right before going to bed. He is a good sleeper and is in diapers. Wendyll was born with down syndrome. His karyotype also showed an inverted chromosome on No. 9. Wendyll is living in the orphanage. He participates in a special education class from Monday to Friday. The special education teachers say he does not speak, but he does turn his head when called. She also said of the 5 kids with down syndrome in her class, he is the smartest. His teachers all like him and have even given him a nickname. Wendyll has made great progress with his gross motor skills. He can sit on the chair steadily, stand up against the desk, and transfer from standing to squatting, to sit on the floor and then to crawl. He has good coordination. In regards to his fine motor skills, Wendyll can bang sticks together, shake rattles, and bang the rattle in his hand to one in his teacher’s hand. Wendyll interacts well with the teacher in his class and will hold the teacher’s hand if she stretches out her hand. He looks at his teacher when she calls him and copies the teacher when she shows him how to play with a toy. Wendyll enjoys playing outdoors, going for walks in the stroller, and observing everything going on around him.