Vivianna #

Girl, Age: 14
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
ROP, Infantile cerebral palsy – severe degree of spastic quadriparesis. Condition after intraventricular hemorrhage, communicating hydrocephalus. Cerebral cysts. Severe mental delay.
Listed: Jun 2017
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Vivianna is able to move around independently for short periods of time in her wheelchair.

She shows interest toward shining materials, cords, ties. Although her speech isn’t developed, Vivianna pronounces vowels and separate syllables with the consonants “g”, “m”, “n”, etc. She demonstrates basic understanding about simple instructions and presents as cooperative.

Vivianna likes to crawl and exercise on a mattress, and she also likes to play in the pool with balls. Vivianna feels comfortable around other children and adults. Vivianna is fed by an adult. She drinks from a cup. She is on diapers. Her sleep is calm.