Vivian #

Girl, Age: 3
Primary Diagnosis: Craniofacial disorder, Deaf / HoH
Goldenhar Syndrome; unrepaired cleft palate; NG tube required for feeding due to unrepaired cleft; Bilateral microtia – III degree (absence of most of external ear and ear canal); hearing capabilities are unknown at this time; agenesis of the right kidney

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Listed: Sep 2021
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Vivian can roll over independently from the back on the stomach and back again, sits unsupported in a high chair and tries to crawl. She can take steps when holding both hands of an adult. She shows interest in her environment. She focuses on toys and plays with them. She can imitate basic tasks with toys when shown by an adult. She reacts with appropriate emotions to her environment and familiar people. She laughs when a staff member plays peek-a-boo with her.

Vivian needs surgery to repair her cleft palate. Doctors will not perform the surgery until she gains weight and can eat with a spoon. She has difficulty with a spoon due to the cleft palate, resulting in her being fed via a NG tube. Doctors assume that Vivian cannot hear due to the absence of ear canals, but her hearing has not been formally tested at this time. She does react to loud noises.