Vann #

Boy, Age: 4
bilateral cleft of the upper lip with a cleft of the hard and soft palate; cheiloplasty; hydrocephalus; cognitive delays
Listed: Oct 2021
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Vann smiles and reacts when caregivers interact with him. He can roll around in his crib and is often placed in a walker. He picks up toys, shakes them and tries to manipulate them.

Update Jan 2022:   He’s now independently sitting, standing up in his crib holding on to the rails and taking steps when holding the hands of an adult. He’s receiving daily physical therapy to get stronger and the therapist believes he will soon learn to walk. He maintains eye contact and enjoys interacting with other adults and children Vann has undergone the second stage of cleft surgeries. He’s now eating soft foods from a spoon.  He’s currently living in a group home with children who are more significantly delayed. His social worker believes this will prevent him from developing appropriate communication and social skills, so she is actively looking for a therapeutic foster family for Vann, so that he can continue to reach developmental milestones.