Trey #

Boy, Age: 5
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Cerebral palsy with paraparesis of the lower limbs, mixed form.
Listed: May 2022
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Trey had a rough birth with vacuum extraction; he received treatment in the intensive care unit. He has been lagging behind in his neuro-psychic development since his early childhood. He started walking without aid late in his life.  He follows simple instructions and plays with musical toys; with assistance he nests rings. He often imposes his will. He is restless when sleeping. Trey often cries without a reason. He does not play with other children and prefers contacts with adults. At times he exhibits auto-aggression and stops after distraction.

Presently, the child does not show interest towards his environment and is not interested in the surrounding world. He looks at his toys and touches them but is not interested in them. He takes a toy but quickly throws it away. He does not react to his name but now he makes a difference between known people and strangers. When asked, he does not seek objects with his eyes. He reacts to sounds and likes it when people talk to him tenderly. He responds with joy to simple jesting. His speech is not developed; he produces guttural sounds and listens to them. He reacts positively when hearing human voices.

Trey has regular consultations with a psychologist and a speech therapist, as well as with a pediatric psychiatrist and a neurologist. His delay in his neuro-psychic development was confirmed. The child has undergone a surgery for his strabismus.