Boy, Age: 7
Country Code: Africa-1
Region: Africa
Primary Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus
Hydrocephalus, Developmental Delay
Listed: May 2023
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Tommy is an almost seven year old boy who has been living with an American expatriate foster family since he was a baby. Unfortunately this family is unable to adopt him. Tommy was born with hydrocephalus, which was corrected with surgery when he was an infant. He now goes for regular reviews, but has had very few medical needs since then. He will continue to see a neurologist for his hydrocephalus monitoring, as well as a possible orthopedist for some minimal walking concerns.

Due to his diagnosis Tommy is slightly delayed in a variety of skills, primarily in fine motor development. He is currently in Kindergarten and doing well. He is completely verbal in English, can walk, use the toilet, feed himself, and generally do most tasks a typical seven year old can. He loves animals, especially elephants, reading books, riding his bike, and playing with his older siblings. He is a well-behaved child who enjoys making others laugh.

While Tommy is well-loved by his current family he is in desperate need of permanency. He is a delightful little boy who thrives in a family and will likely have a bright future if he’s given all the support he needs.