Boy, Age: 15
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Global developmental delays
Delayed mental development
Listed: Sep 2014
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Sweet Tobias was found abandoned at the approximate age of six. SIX..can you even imagine? Tobias has only been in the care of this orphanage for about a year and he recently turned seven years old. At the time he came into care, he was not communicating with anyone, was not potty trained, and had trouble dressing and undressing himself. Most likely a part of that had to do with his profound sadness of losing his family at that age. With the help of his caretakers, now he can look at books, use a spoon to eat independently, can tell the teacher when he needs to go to the bathroom, and he can cooperate with people when they help him get dressed. He sometimes likes to play with other children and he is currently receiving language rehabilitation. Tobias was sent to live in a foster family but attends the school in the orphanage during the daytime hours, where he plays games with the other children and the teacher.Tobias is introverted, but has a ready smile. He does not like to communicate with people. He can complete some simple instructions given by the teacher. He has no facial expression or reaction to strangers. A potential family should be open to speech and language delays. It’s hard to know how much of his needs are true needs versus issues from being abandoned at six at this point. What this child needs most is a family who is open to some unknowns and one who will love him unconditionally for who he is and what he can do!