Girl, Age: 16
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
Flaccid Arms (unknown cause)
Listed: Jun 2020
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January 2022 Update: Tatum is an incredibly bright, resourceful, and happy teenage girl!

Tatum has no active use of her arms or hands (they are flaccid). No official diagnosis has been given. Tatum is very skilled with using her feet for fine motor tasks and uses them to eat with a spoon and to write. She has beautiful penmanship! She can criss-cross her legs and sit comfortably on the floor. She is not an independent walker and has weak core muscles. She gets around the home by scooting on her bottom and she can also scoot down stairs. Tatum feeds herself, holding the spoon with her toes. She is independent in her toileting and helps with tasks in the home like folding clothes.

Tatum has a sweet and kind personality. She likes to play with and watch over the younger kids in the home. She is interested in painting and singing and she saves all her paintings. She received a Barbie for Christmas and really enjoys playing with it. Tatum has good language and communication skills and expresses her needs and feelings to her caregivers. Her caregivers report that she is a happy and content child with appropriate emotional behavior.

Tatum used to go to a local school but is learning at home now due to covid restrictions. Due to a late start in formal education, she is behind where she should be but appears to have no intellectual delay. She loves school and typically receives A and A+ grades. Tatum is very bright and is eager to learn, and very diligent in completing her work. She is fluent in her local language, progressing in English, and now learning a 3rd language.She says she likes math the best.

Tatum has a charming, endearing personality and is well liked by her teachers, her caregivers, and the other kids in the home. She is an absolute joy and would thrive with more resources and with the love and stability of a family.