Boy, Age: 10
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome and strabismus
Listed: Apr 2015
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This precious peanut is Tadd! Tadd has Down syndrome and he may need glasses once home due to having strabismus or a lazy eye. He cannot talk, but he can makes sounds. He is very happy when listening to and dancing to music. He understands the caretaker’s words, such as “good boy” and “so cute” and he can smile at the caretaker when hearing such words. Tadd has a ready smile and is an energetic and active baby. He wants to be the first to eat- if the caretaker feeds others first, he will cry loudly. Tadd likes to imitate and will sometimes imitate a singing and dancing show on TV. He cannot walk independently yet, but he can walk around his a walker. He likes to play with the other children and with all kinds of toys. Sometimes he will sit quietly and watch the caretaker, but his favorite thing to do is to play peek-a-boo with the caretakers. His caretakers all like him very much!

5/18/2015 update: Tadd cannot talk yet. He is a happy child. When the nanny takes him for a bath or plays with him, he smiles a lot. Tadd can stand up by holding the crib rail. He can crawl to catch toys. He can move around in the walker. When eating, Tadd will move to the nanny for food in a walker.