Boy, Age: 5
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome & Congenital Heart Defect: His original heart defect was listed as PFO, but an ultrasound showed ASD and PDA.
Listed: Mar 2021
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Solomon is an adorable little boy — an active little boy with a ready smile! He gets along well with others and likes to be close to people he is familiar with. At the time his file was prepared (November of 2019), Solomon could walk with his hands holding onto something for support. He was not yet speaking, but his favorite song was Little Apple. When music would play, he would shake his body. He has a good feel for the rhythm. His caretaker calls him “young master.” Every time he heard her call out “young master,” no matter how far away he was, he quickly crawled up to into her arms. Solomon has good eating habits and is not a picky-eater. He likes snacks and fruits the best. He also is said to have moderate sleep. Solomon is adored by his caretakers and we can completely see why! It is our hope Solomon will be adored by a loving family as soon as possible!

UPDATE Feb 2021:  Compared with other kids with Down syndrome his age in the orphanage, Solomon is clever and thoughtful with strong learning ability and imitation ability. In terms of self-care, he can take off his socks, put on socks and shoes under the caretaker’s guidance, cooperate with caretakers and brush teeth and put on clothes. Solomon learned to eat with a spoon within two days; In terms of cognition, Solomon knows the caretakers in his room and will imitate animals’ calls, etc In the aspect of emotional expression, when adults correct his improper behaviors, he will look at the caretaker innocently, showing grievances and sadness. He will feel sad when eating less or different from other kids’ bowls of food, and he will be happy immediately when eating the same as other kids.

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