Girl, Age: 10
Country Code: Africa-1
Region: Africa
Primary Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus
Listed: Jul 2020
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Update Feb 2021:

Shiloh is a wonderful little girl who is full of joy and loves to make happy noises. When Shiloh arrived at the children’s home, she was around 9 months old and was very underweight and unwell. He spent much of the next year in and out of the hospital and required multiple neurosurgeries to control her hydrocephalus. Despite her difficult start to life Shiloh is a fighter and today she is a very happy 8-year-old who has a beautiful smile and sassy personality. Shiloh’s health has stabilized over the years. She is a healthy weight and is not longer susceptible to infections. Shiloh has a shunt in place to treat her hydrocephalus that is working well. However, this did leave her with some significant disabilities. She has cerebral palsy which affects her right side more severely. She struggles with neck and trunk control, so she is not yet sitting unaided. She also has a significant visual impairment and epilepsy that is not yet fully controlled with medication.

Despite all this, Shiloh enjoys waving her strong side limbs with intention. In school she is learning to communicate using a picture system and communicating with her arm waves. Shiloh has good hearing and loves to listen to music. If given a shaker or bells she will join in the music. She is also able to investigate things that make noise and is working to grasp objects independently. Shiloh also enjoys physical touch and movement, such as being rocked or swinging in a hammock. Shiloh is able to recognize familiar people and has developed clear bonds with several caretakers. In a loving family she would quickly develop an attachment. The constant love and attention from a forever family is just what Shiloh needs to continue learning and growing!