Boy, Age: 15
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Cerebral palsy; Spastic lower Paraparesis
Listed: Jan 2018
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From a family who met him Nov 2018: Shaw is a very loving boy who desperately wants a family. He hugged us repeatedly asking, “Mama, America? Papa, America?”

He speaks well, enjoys painting, and can walk with some need for support. He sweetly pushes his friend’s wheelchair and it offers stability for him and assistance for his friend. He’s been raised amongst boys much older than him and has picked up swear words but truly is a beautiful soul. He became jealous of our attention when we were talking with his younger roommate and he bit him. The facilitator would like us to note that he has a family history of mental illness and that his family should consider this in their decision. We are head over heals for this boy and honestly would have brought him home without hesitation were we approved for another adoption. Every adoptive family would be wise to consider trauma-informed parenting and to anticipate both aggression and mental illness. Please, consider whether you could be Shaw’s mama and papa.

He is so sweet, but can be a kind of “difficult” – strong-willing and stubborn. He is a smart boy. He wants to be adopted and asks to find a family for him. At the same time he will choose if he likes a family. I would recommend him to a family with older children – older than him, to show a way to behave. He may be very helpful and careful. I often can see him helping other kids with worse disabilities as he has. But he can lose his temper fast. He has mental delays. His biological mother is qualified as mentally disabled due to her schizophrenia.