Girl, Age: 13
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, Congenital Heart Defect (ASD and VSD), Hep B carrier
Listed: May 2014
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Ten year old Shannon is a giggly and friendly girl. Her report from 2011 states she could say several words and stand without assistance. Shannon’s videos from 2016 shows her standing, throwing a ball against the wall, and catching it to repeat the process. Her file shows that she is well-loved by everyone she meets and likes to interact with other children.

UPDATE: Rule number one…never leave scissors out where Shannon can get them. She currently has little to no bangs due to an attempt to style her own hair. However, even a bad haircut can’t take away from Shannon’s sweet spirit and lovable personality! She is currently 5 years old, and waiting very patiently for her mama and papa. Shannon has Down syndrome, an ASD and VSD (which have not been repaired) , and is a HepB carrier. Shannon came to the orphanage at about 7 months of age, already able to sit and crawl. She has good motor skills, but needs help with her speech. Her receptive speech is good, and she follows directions. Shannon can use 3 word sentences. Shannon is a sweet and huggable girl who is very curious. She loves to play with her friends, and thrives in a noisy environment. Shannon is ready to be part of a loving family, who will help her reach her full potential! Video is available.