Girl, Age: 11
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: Mar 2015
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UPDATE November 2015, from her caregivers: Shaena is outgoing and lively, but sometimes stubborn. She gets along well with other children. She is very attached to her nannies. She still needs assistance with dressing and other care needs. She is not potty trained, still in a diaper. She sleeps very well, she’s a good eater, and she attends preschool.

From an update 2/2015: Shaena can play well with blocks and she can dance to the music. She can avoid obstacles when pushing carts and she can reach things by standing on her tippy toes. Shaena gets a little aggressive with others when mad. She is healthy, strong, and in good health. She can understand some simple instructions like “give me the paper in your hand, do not climb, sit well, eat”, etc. Shaena can crawl down the bed very quickly and she can walk by herself for a while. She can stand up after falling over and can climb well. Shaena can hold small tiny things and can pull the rope by changing hands. Shaena can pick up and throw balls. She will ask to be held when adults walk by her and she knows if she is being criticizing or praised. When praised, she gets very happy! When you point out her mistakes, she will cry. Shaena’s favorite things to do are imitate, eat, and dance.