Boy, Age: 16
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Congenital Heart Defect
Listed: Oct 2015
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Update available from Jan 2019!

Handsome Ryland is diagnosed as having Congenital Heart Defect (CHD): transposition of the single atrium, single ventricle and great arteries with moderate stenosis of pulmonary artery.

UPDATE: During the last 6 months, Ryan has developed so well that he looks like a big brother. His speech ability is so well that he can communicate with others freely. He is happy to interact with the visitors in the orphanage, saying hello and taking part in the activities together. He is more mature and sensible than other kids, caring for other younger kids and giving a hand to his caretakers.

This part of his file was too sweet not to include: Ryland has been living in the welfare institute since he was young. He regards the welfare institute as his home. There is the common mom in the institute, as well as caretakers and children who are like brothers and sisters to him. The institute is like a big family- everyone lives together and studies happily. He does feel lonely here. If one day he is adopted, he will miss the kids and caretakers here. He will visit them if he has chance. Returning home is his dream. He is looking forward to his own dad and mom. If he can be adopted by foreigners, he will be very happy. He would like to be adopted. Ryland sounds like an amazing child! We are looking forward to what his update has to say about him and hope to find him a family who can expedite his adoption and get him home soon!

The agency which currently has Ryland’s file has a $5,000 grant available for his adoption.