Girl, Age: 15
Country Code: E-11
Region: Europe
Primary Diagnosis: Older Child
Listed: Jan 2024
**** I am eligible for a $500 Older Child Grant ****
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Rosa is a delightful and sociable child. She demonstrates exceptional socialization skills, effortlessly forming connections with peers and adults. She is a kind, respectful, and dedicated student with promising prospects. Rosa excels academically, showcasing a strong commitment and enthusiasm for learning. In terms of her relationships within her school and classmates, there are no concerns to mention. She effectively communicates her emotions and expresses her needs when interacting with others. Rosa displays remarkable socialization skills, effortlessly forging bonds with peers and adults. On a social level, Rosa is at ease in interpersonal relationships, consistently exhibiting a high level of pro-social behavior. The act of being internationally adopted will create some trauma she’ll need support with.