Boy, Age: 14
Country Code: EE-7
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
mixed developmental disorder, FAS, light level of hearing disorder, body carriage disorder, hypertrophia, low height.
Listed: Sep 2013
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Update as of January 2013: He has no preferred activity; his play is chaotic and he is easily distracted. Child can name and show his body parts, recognizes objects in the pictures, knows and names colors, but needs help in putting correctly the pyramids rings, but if he is helped – then achieves the task, puts together puzzle out of 3-5 pieces.

Riley is very emotional. He seeks contact with other persons and obviously expresses joy when he is provided with individual attention. He most often communicates by mimicking, but he has started to speak – still his articulation is not correct, his language comprehension still has some limits. Sometimes he has difficulty during the eating time, and needs assistance with hygiene/self-care. His balance and coordination is disturbed. Riley has difficulty to follow the rules and order in the group. Riley’s behavior sometimes distracts other children’s activities. He has been observed to have self-aggression. His mood changes often.