Boy, Age: 10
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
Motor delays
Listed: Jul 2015
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Rigby is a precious little one who is 22 months old. He came into care when he was about 10 months old…wheezing, and in need of help. After some TLC from the nannies, there was improvement in his health and motor skills. He was still behind his peers, but had become a very engaging and social baby. At 17 months of age, Rigby could roll over, sit with some support, and play with toys. Rigby was not able to crawl or walk at that time. He loves to be around the other kids. The more action, the better! The nannies have noticed he has high muscular tension and uncoordinated movements. There was no formal diagnosis made in his file which had resulted from a thorough exam. Rigby is an active, loving, happy little guy who really needs a family and some good therapy to help him with his gross motor skills. He needs to come home.