Rhyleigh #

Girl, Age: 9
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: Oct 2021
*** I am eligible for an additional $5,000 Grant from Reece’s Rainbow! Through 2022, children with Down syndrome ages 6-9 are eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant! ***
$1,517.13 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


Rhyleigh’s gross motor skills are well developed. She walks, goes up/down stairs, climbs, and navigates her environment independently. Her fine motor skills are delayed, but developing. She can color, put objects in/out of containers, and has a developed tweezers grip. She understands what is said to her. She can say several simple words and point to parts of her body. She follows simple instructions such as taking items to her designated cubby (she can identify which one is hers), wiping her hands with a napkin, throwing items in the trash, etc. She assists with hygiene skills but cannot yet do them independently. She uses the toilet when placed there, but does not yet self-initiate.