Girl, Age: 17
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Genetic Condition (non-DS)
Apert syndrome, craniosyntosis (frontal skull reconstruction done, midface advance needed, would be best done in the US), syndactyly of feet and hands (fingers surgically separated–has 4 digits on each hand).
Listed: Nov 2017
March 2020 Update: Rebekah is continuing to improve her literacy in both her native language and English. She is working on reading and writing sentences and expanding vocabulary. She is able to do small simple addition with single digits, and is working on moving on to double digit addition. In pre-vocational classes, she is learning to make paper chains and improving her needle and threading skills.

Rebekah feeds herself independently and calls people by name. She can identify objects and colors. She is independent in indicating her needs and independent in her self care. She is attending on site school where she can write numbers 1 to 200. She loves counting things. She knows and writes all of her upper and lower case letters. She is reading and writing 3 letter words. She can spell her name. She doesn’t want to miss out on what is happening, she is eager to be a part of the fun. She enjoys sitting with adults and telling stories. She loves to color, draw and write. She is proud to be a helper and to be independent. She is working on pre-vocational skills of washing dishes and sweeping and fine motor skills like beading, threading, and cutting with scissors. She is well liked by all the staff and is helpful in the home. She has several very close friends with whom she gets all very well.