Raymond #

Boy, Age: 6
Medical Diagnoses: Cerebral palsy secondary to hypoxia at birth, optic nerve atrophy, malnutrition, cleft palate (repaired) 
Listed: Apr 2021
*** I am eligible for a $2,000 Grant! ***
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Raymond is an adorable little guy with cerebral palsy in desperate need of a family who can provide better for his needs. He has so much potential but none of it is available to him due to his current living situation and lack of appropriate resources. Raymond follows simple commands such as “laugh”, “sing”, or “stick out your tongue”. He can stack three blocks and likes to play with toys where he can put smaller objects into larger ones. He is working with a therapist to learn to use a walker. He reacts with a smile to adults who are well known to him. He can babble and imitate animal sounds. Raymond likes to interact with other children and to play simple games. He chews his food well when he’s spoon fed and he drinks from a special bottle. Raymond has lived with the same foster parents since he was a month old. It is not clear from his documents the extent of his visual loss which may be complete or partial.