Boy, Age: 11
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Limb differences
Listed: May 2015
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Quinntavius is missing his right hand. It looks as if he may have ptosis (droopy eye lid) of his left eye, but that is not a formal diagnosis. Quinntavius likes to look at picture books and be read to. He really enjoys going outside and playing and basking in the sunshine. Quinntavius has good fine motor skills and is very observant. He knows his name and likes hearing his named called. Quinntavius has good expression and is very curious. He is a quiet boy and doesn’t cry often. He can combine actions with words, such as shaking his head no and saying no. He really likes to play with toys, especially blocks, and he enjoys rolling balls. Quinntavius sounds like a wonderful little boy who doesn’t let anything stop him. Now he just needs a forever family of his own! Video available from spring 2017.