Girl, Age: 10
Primary Diagnosis: Limb differences
Other congenital malformations of brain; Cleft hard palate with cleft soft palate; Polysyndactyly; Other strabismus; Short stature, not elsewhere classified; Profound mental delays (Probably has Aperts, though not on her file)
Listed: Sep 2019
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Update from a family who visited with her in Dec 2021:  Quinnie is smart and clearly understands whatever direction the nannies give her – to pick something up, to sit down, to play with something, etc. It seemed like she could say a few words but is mostly nonverbal. She has her own signs in order to communicate to the nannies that she has to go to the bathroom or that she wants something. She enjoyed participating in games and was able to give hugs when I held out my arms.

Her demeanor completely changed when we were left alone with her. She threw toys, phones, etc across the room and screamed a lot. She kept throwing my phone and got upset when I took it away. I believe these behaviors were because she was scared since she was left alone with strangers who spoke a different language. I think that she would do very well with a family who can devote the time to helping her adjust and to communicate. She did so well when there were people in the room who spoke her language. We only could not proceed because of our young children and the fragile health of the boy we are adopting.