Girl, Age: 3
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
seizure disorder, congenital adrenal hypoplasia, cerebral palsy, global delays, visual impairment
Listed: Mar 2022
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Feb 2023 Update: Priscilla arrived in her care home in July 2021 and has become more alert and engaged since her arrival. She can roll on her sides. Since arriving in her current home, she sits with support much more easily and is lifting her head more purposefully. She also laughs more often and smiles when her name is called! She doesn’t yet appear to have very developed receptive language but communicates with her caregiver with cooing sounds and smiles when they interact together. If she is upset, she visibly relaxes when her caregiver talks to her. She knows when it is mealtime and gets very cranky if the food is late!

At the Christmas party in 2021, Priscilla moved from lap to lap of all the aunties in the home, as they each wanted to take part in watching Priscilla experience her first Christmas! She received a swing for her gift and seems to enjoy the soothing motion of being pushed in the swing. The following year in 2022, Priscilla had a chance to perform in a group dance with the support of her caregiver!

Priscilla prefers a slow morning, easing into her day by her caregiver’s side or in her arms for a snuggle. After her morning snack, Priscilla has a PT session and then spends time in her Zing stander. When she is in it, she interacts with her peers and caregivers at a higher level compared to when she is on the floor or in her wheelchair. Priscilla is tired after all that exercising, so after lunch she has a nap. In the afternoons, Priscilla takes part in tummy time which she likes to do while watching TV or listening to music. Then she joins group sensory play time! Priscilla’s favourite is kinetic sand. She will squish it in her hand or fling it all over the room, laughing. Evenings are a little more relaxed and our sweet girl ends up in her favourite spot, right back with her caregiver. She has a sweet relationship with her caregiver, who loves dressing her up in the very fanciest of outfits, no matter what the occasion! Priscilla is always the best dressed girl in the room!