Girl, Age: 11
Country Code: SE.Asia.2
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: HIV or Hep
Peyton has a history of latent tuberculosis and hepatitis.
Listed: Aug 2019
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Peyton is in the 1st grade and enjoys computers, science and math. She is vocal with her opinion and her frustrations and wants attention from her caregivers. She likes to be different than the other girls in her orphanage and she participates in the orphanage group activities. She likes to save her allowance, loves cats, and enjoys playing ping pong. She is sad when the older girls in the orphanage pick on her. She has been to camp and loved to play in the swimming pool.

Peyton has been in the orphanage her entire life. This unique girl needs a prospective adoptive family with good educational, ESL resources, play therapy and have a good understanding of institutionalization and older child adoption.