Girl, Age: 13
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Genetic Condition (non-DS)
Penny appears to have a genetic syndrome – possibly Rubinstein-Taybi – but further genetic testing is required to confirm. It was also discovered in January 2016 that she is profoundly deaf. Left eye convergent strabismus, right eye dominant, wears glasses.
Listed: Feb 2018
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January 2022 Update: Penny is a sweet little lady who is called our “sunshine girl” because of her smiley personality. Her favourite time of day is goodnight prayer time. She also loves Circle Time! She shrieks with laughter when her teachers do the actions to Baby Shark.

Penny likes playing with a keyboard that she got for Christmas. She also likes watching TV and she loves sensory play! From sand to clay to water, Penny loves it all! She will sit and giggle and play happily while exploring a container or shaving cream or textured balls. She laughs when the shaving cream lands on her face!

Penny is making progress in PT. We are so excited that she has started to walk with her walker! She is able to pull herself up and stand and reach for objects that she wants. She is still a little cuddlebug and prefers to be carried, but crawls around the house very often.

Penny is a friendly child who loves people so much! When someone walks into the room and approaches her, she gets so excited. Penny will flap her arms and grin from ear to ear, giggling the whole time. Penny loves being held and squeezed tightly. She also enjoys having her face cupped between her or someone else’s hands. Penny finds a lot of amusement in holding people’s hands and guiding them over a light source to create shadows which she intently watches as they bend and flow. Sweet Penny loves deeply and it is very easy to love her right back.