Boy, Age: 9
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, CHD (ASD)
Listed: Oct 2019
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Update Oct 2019: Physical and intellectual aspects: Peeta has Down syndrome with good health and normal limbs that can move freely. He cannot eat large or hard food, but soft and chopped food. His physical strength is not good, since he tends to be fatigued after he completes some sports. His fine motor skills and cognition are poor, since he cannot recognize those daily necessities. In November of 2018, he was sent to the hospital for disability assessment and was assessed as Grade II intellectual disability.

His speech is so so, since he cannot speak yet, but he has a tendency to speak and utters relatively clear single tones, such as yi, yeh, ah. His self-care ability is so so. He eats with a small spoon and drinks water with a cup. He needs assistance in the shower, going to the toilet, and putting on clothes. In class, he is active and highly motivated, but his attention is not focused and sometimes he is out of control and runs out of his seat without approval and does not listen to the teacher’s instructions. He prefers music, dance, and games, but is not enthusiastic in physical education class, since he is easy to tire and weak in playing sports. He does well in self-training class- basically follows the teacher’s instructions to complete the training. His teachers and classmates all like him a lot, due to his active and outgoing personality and his big smile that he wears all the time. He never fights with others.