Otto #

Boy, Age: 6
He was born 3 months prematurely and spent one month hospitalized and one month in a center before
being released to his family’s care.
In March 2022, an emergency call was received, and Otto was taken to the hospital. Life-saving measures
were required. He was blue and had to be aspirated. He was severely malnourished and anemic. His legs
and hands were frostbitten and necrotic and amputations had to be performed. He remained hospitalized
for a month and then was released to the Center.
The child has amputated lower limbs below the knees. He is in the process of learning to walk with
prostheses and with the help of a walker. He mainly moves in space "on his knees" and by crawling. In the
way of "kneeling" and with his hands, he skillfully climbs on surfaces of different heights. The child does
not have four fingers on his right hand, but he reaches and grabs larger objects with the help of his thumb,
he has a tweezer grip with his left hand. He likes personal attention from an adult and expresses pleasure
by smiling and laughing when teased. There are no indications of aggressive behavior. Passive part of
speech – does not understand, does not follow commands and instructions, does not address by name.
Active part of speech – no meaningful word, does not form a sentence. Does not interact with peers.
Expresses pleasure (by smiling, laughing) only to a very familiar adult.
The primary wounds have healed. Prostheses are put on for several hours so that he can get used to them
and accept them. He is put in a walker for about 4-5 hours. Moderate mental retardation. Condition after
severe protein calorie malnutrition. He likes classes with a teacher, speech therapist, and music therapist.
The child lags behind developmentally; he does not speak. There is a need for complex rehabilitation –
speech therapist, pedagogue, rehabilitator, and timely replacement of prostheses with growth. Team
monitoring of the child's health, physical and neuro-psychological development continues.