Boy, Age: 9
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, Congenital Heart Defect
Listed: Jan 2019
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Noah is a happy and active little boy! Noah was born with Down syndrome and a heart condition, which he had surgery for shortly after arriving at his orphanage. The surgery was successful, and he made a lot of progress as he recovered! Noah loves to roll around on the play mats and play with his toys! He will often hold a ball in his hands and study it while he plays.

Update August 2020:  Noah is an active participant in the daily circle time in his family and attends the in-house kindergarten classes most days of the week. His favorite activities at kindergarten are cooking, music and learning about animals. He loves playing with instruments such as the keyboard, xylophone and tambourine. He at times has difficulty with focus, but can be totally immersed when playing with his favorite toys.

Noah enjoys playing outside particularly ball games, going to the playground, swimming and splashing in the pool. He also likes to dance! He has a good memory and is able to learn different action songs. Noah is a charming little boy who enjoys making funny faces and communicating with others. Noah interacts well with people and is comfortable with his caregivers and brothers. He is able to use single words like “baba” and “mama” to communicate.

Noah is continuing to develop new self-care skills. He is not yet toilet trained, however, is able to feed himself independently with a spoon. With some help from a caregiver, he is able to brush his teeth and wash his face and hands. Noah is a sweet natured, active little boy who likes to explore the world around him. His cheerful nature brings so much joy to all who know and love him.