Boy, Age: 5
FAS, Hypermetropic astigmatism. Protein energy malnutrition. Changes of retinopathy and retinal blood vessels. Moderate mental delays with significant impairment of behavior requiring attention or treatment
Listed: Jan 2020
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Nehemiah has grayish-blue eyes and brown hair. Nehemiah is very active and moving, generally in a positive mood. He likes to walk a lot, walks hand in hand with adults willingly, can do it independently, but in long walks can also use the walking frame. There is no sense of fear in his movements, can climb on different objects (table, windowsill). Nehemiah likes to exercise, to do backbends and plays alone often. He has short-term steadiness while playing with the toys. He still puts toys in his mouth. Nehemiah likes to play with the toy car, to page through the picture books, but only for a short moment. His attention can be attracted by musical toys. He sometimes doesn’t sleep during the day, he likes to play while he falls asleep, sometimes has difficulties to fall asleep in the evening, but sleeps well at night. Nehemiah often expresses his feelings with gesticulation and mimicry. He says different sounds, syllables “ta-ta”, “bu-bu”, but doesn’t pronounce words. The boy eats independently, but has to be looked after, drinks unwillingly.