Boy, Age: 9
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Right cerebral hypoplasia, Eczema
Listed: Aug 2019
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Nathan’s spine is slightly lateral bending, but this does not affect his walking ability; he can hold the railing to go upstairs and downstairs; sometimes he can jump in place with both feet; can trot to chase us or toys; can also understand our orders to put the toys to appointed place. If there are new toys he will he happy to point them to us, and show us how to get toys disassembly and assembly; after he gets the toys disassembly and assembly he then hand us to look at his works. We will thumbs up and praise him, then he will laugh more happily. When we teach him to do new playing methods, he will play after watching once.

Nathan has a good memory. He is good at observing, and he is curious about new things. He likes to be noisy, and he likes to play with us, likes to play outdoors; not afraid of strangers; not afraid of dogs, seeing dogs he will follow dogs to walk. He also likes to watch artist programs, and ball games. Every time he will watch carefully. Sometimes he can imitate us to dance, and he can dance well.

He is curious about new things, and has a strong imitation ability; but he doesn’t have a good sense of danger. In this aspect he needs to be supervised. He has his own personality; sometimes he is obstinate. Nathan is lovely, optimistic, and clever.