Girl, Age: 5
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
developmental delay associated with brain damage
Listed: Dec 2021
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Feb 2022 Update: Muffy is a sweet little girl who has left side hemiparesis and developmental delay. She had an abnormal MRI which showed bilateral occipito-parietal region atrophy and thinning of the posterior periventricular white matter. She has left side hemiparesis but she can use her left hand well. She falls sometimes, which the neurologist attributed to spasticity so she recently started on antispasticity medication. She also has a bilateral squint and would benefit eventually from a surgery to correct this. She walks, runs and speaks. She has healthy attachments with her caregivers. She was late to begin speaking and walking but now walks and runs well and has grown in her language skills. Muffy speaks in sentences in her native language, including the use of past tense. Her language is delayed compared to that of a typically developing child her age, but she has made so much progress.

Muffy loves finger paints, playing with her fire truck toy, jumping on the trampoline and engaging in water play. She can often be found shrieking with laughter and running through the house as she plays chasing games with the other kids. She got a Barbie doll for Christmas and likes to play with it. She combs its hair and talks to it. As the youngest child in her home, Muffy has lots of “big sisters” who care for her. She has not yet started school due to her age and all the covid restrictions in her area, so she spends her days happily playing.