Girl, Age: 16
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Listed: Feb 2018
Molly can sit independently for short periods of time. She has a feeding tube to supplement her nutrition and help her gain weight, but she continues to eat her meals by mouth. She likes self feeding with hand over hand support. She is potty-trained using a Rifton chair. She tries very hard to communicate using limited sign and speech. She has an eye gaze-controlled computer which allows her to communicate with others. Molly is laid back and content. She loves to be included and likes being silly and goofy. She is very intelligent but has a difficult time showing what she knows given her communication limitations. Knows her English alphabet and can read simple words. Can spell her name. Enjoys playing games (she is competitive) and listening to stories (she can recap the plots of simple stories by selecting images that correspond with the plot). Likes to color. Enjoys being social and playing with other kids, especially make believe (baby dolls are her favorite).

Jan 2019 Update: In March 2018, due to increasing hip pain and subluxation of her hip joints, Molly underwent a major double hip surgery: femoral derotation and osteotomy to correct the alignment of her hips and femurs. She was in a spica cast (immobilizing her hips and knees) for over a month. She then spent much of the year re-gaining the strength and movement that she had lost while immobilized. She is a fighter and persevered through significant discomfort over the past year. She maintained her joyful, sweet spirit throughout! Molly celebrated her 12th birthday in December. She was very excited to receive a new traditional dress for the occasion and to get henna designs drawn on her arms. She loves getting fancy and looked so gorgeous! Molly was also very enthusiastic about her cake as she loves all sweets. Over the past year, Molly developed a new interest in make-up and will request to wear it by reaching up and rubbing her hand on her lips and cheeks. She also was introduced to the movie “Frozen” and it has become a favorite. She will “sing” (vocalize) along to favorite songs such as “Let it Go”. Molly may not stand out as one of the youngest or one of the sickest, but she is so worthy of a family. She would be a beautiful addition to a family and a beloved daughter, sister, and cousin.

July 2020 Update: Molly has had a great summer! She is enjoying her classes where she is working on following patterns, reading, categorizing items, and using alternative communication and sign language to engage in pretend play. Molly’s teenage sass is undeniable! She is very insistent when she wants to watch a new movie or when she wants her make-up done. She also gets so excited whenever a new dress is brought to her home and she is persistent to have her photo taken and shown to everyone! She loves being with the little kids of the home, especially helping an adult to push them in the swing or dancing with them sitting in her lap on her wheelchair.