Miriam #

Girl, Age: 15
Listed: Aug 2023
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Miriam was born at 28 weeks gestation in early December 2007 in an emergency birth after a placental abruption. She spent five months in the hospital, then lived with her birth family for nine months before entering state care in February 2009. Miriam has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, affecting primarily the left part of her body, and a glioependymal cyst. She takes medication to address anxiety. Her development is delayed.

After complex surgical intervention, Miriam walks independently and can go up and down stairs while holding on to a railing and sits without support. She uses primarily her right hand and is independently able to eat with utensils, drink from a cup, brush her teeth and use the restroom. She requires assistance with bathing. Miriam is well oriented in the spaces, routines and among the people of her group home. She is emotionally stable but likes to be the center of attention and may show jealousy when other children are prioritized. Although she appears to have an unspecified speech/articulation disorder, Miriam is able to communicate verbally, constantly and curiously asks questions, and can participate in dialogues.

Miriam attends an auxiliary school and says she cannot imagine her life without the opportunity for education.  Her academic knowledge is on a preschool level: she can count to 20 and name all the letters of the alphabet as well as identify colors and everyday objects.  She works with more focus in a one on one setting but can get overwhelmed when tasks are too demanding. She needs many repetitions to acquire new skills. Miriam’s thinking is concrete and situational and her greatest delays are cognitive.

Miriam is friendly, sociable and trusting. She interacts preferably with adults, but also establishes warm connections with peers and joins group activities. Although she is reported to be selective with her relationships, she is well attached to her social worker. She likes to listen to music, play games, and spend time with the group home’s parakeets and yard dog.  Through the services of a non-profit organization, Miriam has the opportunity to go swimming and indoor rock climbing both of which she enjoys very much.

Miriam’s social worker and family therapist note that Miriam is willing to learn new things and would make continued and noticeable progress in a family that can offer her more appropriate interventions and individualized resources as well as a warm and loving home.  Seven years ago, Miriam experienced a disrupted adoption procedure, but her care team believes now that she is more mature, she would understand better the meaning and benefits of adoption and would seriously consider a family interested in making her their daughter.


Miriam has waited for a forever family for over eight years. A family interested in adopting Miriam must file their I-800A with USCIS before her 16th birthday in early December.