Girl, Age: 7
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus
premature infant with very low birth weight, hydrocephalus (post-op shunt)
Listed: Aug 2019
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When Minerva came she looked petite and weak, and was hospitalized for care and surgery. She has delayed physical development compared with children of her age, but after the operation her physical health is fairly stable and her motor ability improves day by day. She is able to raise her head when lying on stomach, and turn over continuously. She likes to roll over to and fro on the mat best. She is able to sit alone for a moment with both hands against the floor, even occasionally stand for a few seconds with both hands grasping the rail. Her muscular tension is higher, she can not coordinate and control her body well. If her name is called or someone talks beside her ear she is able to turn around her head to locate the source following the sound direction. The muscular tension of her neck has decreased obviously, therefore its turning range is much larger.

If you move a toy with bright colors slowly in front of her eyes she will follow the toy visually. She is able to grasp a toy and shake it to and fro with her hands. She is an introverted and quiet baby, is able to lie alone for some time without noisy crying, but if she is made to practice sitting with her hands against the floor she will be very reluctant and cry aloud. Her crying is very loud and we can hear it from far away. She also likes to be cuddled by someone and her facial expressions and actions will be much richer while she is cuddled. Her speech development is delayed. She is a light sleeper.