Girl, Age: 13
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
Intellectual disability. No spasticity.
Listed: Apr 2018
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She walks independently but her gait is a bit weak. Social, interactive, beautiful, engaging, loveable child with a sense of humor who loves to laugh. She can feed herself. She has good receptive language in her native language, but is non-verbal. She can imitate some sounds.

Melanie enjoys playing with musical toys, toys that stack, toys with small parts that fit inside, trying to trace letters with chalk, and throwing and trying to catch balls. Able to concentrate on one toy for a sustained period of time. Follows directions well. Prefers soft solid foods and favorite food is eggs. Loves the beach. She can go up and down stairs by herself holding the railing. She enjoys being with other people and is friendly with adults and children.

March 2020 Update: Melanie is working on a number of daily living skills. She is eating independently, able to wash her hands with verbal prompts, and working on other skills such as getting dressed independently. She is able to identify colors as well. Melanie is currently working towards the goals of saying her name, drawing shapes, and increasing her sounds and words.