Boy, Age: 11
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Listed: Aug 2015
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Maximilian is an adorable little guy who recently turned 3 years old. He came into care as a newborn, and was diagnosed with CP. Max has good fine motor skills, excellent speech (although they say he has a short tongue tie), and is able to walk…but not for long distances. Max’s head tilts to the right; this could be a result of the CP. Maximilian is a delightful little boy, whose cognitive skills are on target. His receptive speech is great, and he follows instructions well. He can easily express his needs. The nannies describe him as “strong and brave”. They also said when he sees the other kids walking and doing things he would like to do he wants to be like them. Max works very hard when exercising…he wants to be strong and able to run and play with his friends. Max need a family, good therapy, and treatment to straighten his neck. Max needs you!