Boy, Age: 14
Primary Diagnosis: Congenital Heart Defect
congenital heart disease, ventricular septal defect in the phase of closure, nebtal delay, nanism

Probable FAS (cautionary disclosure….facial features and other medical complications consistent with this condition).

Listed: Apr 2015
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Update from a family who met him in April 2016: The director was encouraging us to consider (Max) for adoption too and really wants to see him in a family. He was transferred into the institution with our son. He was very small for his age, (maybe the size of an American 3 year old) and very active. He reminded me of a small chipmunk because he kept running around the director’s office and poking his nose into everything!!! He was SO curious! I saw him get cookies off the director’s table and he was able to chew and swallow, without difficulty, though he does tend to overload his mouth. (maybe he is afraid they will take the food away?) He drinks normally from a cup.

He understood speech addressed to him and appropriately made the correct animal sound when asked what the dog, cow, etc says. He also knew placement of his body parts. (Eyes, ears…) I did not observe him speak except for animal sounds but gestured appropriately when he needed his needs met.

He does tend to ignore redirection, but does it with a mischievous gleam in his eye and, due to him responding appropriately to questions, there is no doubt in my mind he understands, just doesn’t want to listen! After all, the director’s large office was a fun, new place to explore!

I saw him swinging in a swing and he seems fine physically. His movement (walking and running) is very good. He is not overly affectionate but tolerates affection well. (Director was lifting him/giving him hugs)

This is a nice institution to adopt from. It is an easy walk from the hotel and the hotel director speaks English and is very welcoming and accommodating to American guests. They will overfeed you! There are many shops, parks, and markets within easy walking distance of the hotel and institution. Unfortunately, at this institution, the disabled adult men are lumped in with the little boys. Max needs out now! He has amazing potential with a family!